Periphylla Safari 2018

Periphylla periphylla

Come dive with the awesome Periphylla periphylla deep-water jellyfish at Gulen Dive Resort in January 2018 and experience exhillarating black-water diving from their 52 ft. dive yacht!

Posted on Sep 29, 2017

The Periphylla normally lives from 700 to 3.000 meters deep, but during the winter months it can be encountered close to the surface on magic night dives. They're up to a meter across and are unlike anything else you're ever encountered under water.

Join us at Gulen Dive Resort on the Norwegian west coast and dive with this spectacular Periphylla jellyfish in 2018:

      • Periphylla Safari January 10-14, 2018

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Gulen Dive Resort have a 52 ft. dive yacht which makes the diving a much more comfortable experience. There's even a shower on board!

If you think you're up for it, sign up for the next Periphylla Safari and get a unique experience: We dive in the middle of the winter, in the middle of the night and in the middle of the fjord... it's not for the faint-hearted!


Periphylla Safari 2018:

• Day 1 (10/1/18):
  Arrival at Gulen Dive Resort, Periphylla briefing and training dive
• Day 2 (11/1/18):
  Wreck and house reef dives, Periphylla lecture, Periphylla night dive
• Day 3 (12/1/18):
  Wreck and house reef dives, Periphylla lecture, Periphylla night dive
• Day 4 (13/1/18):
  Wreck and house reef dives, hot tub night
• Day 5 (14/1/18):
  Departure from Gulen Dive Resort


The package includes:

• 4 nights in shared twin rooms at Gulen Dive Resort
• 1 Periphylla training dive and 2 Periphylla night dives
• 6 additional dives (3 wreck dives, 3 house reef dives)
• Periphylla briefing and lectures
• Tanks, weights and air for all dives

The package does NOT include:

• Flights/travel costs or dive equipment
• Airport transfer - please arrange this with Gulen Dive Resort before booking your flights!
• Food (self-catering)
• Bedsheets (must be brought or rented)


Booking through Gulen Dive Resort who are responsible for the accommodation, facilities and diving. All dives are offered weather permitting.

The Periphylla training dive is mandatory unless you have done it before, and participants must have at least AOWD or equivalent certification 50+ dives since. The Periphylla briefing and lectures are held by Christian Skauge.

It is important that you read the diving requirements and safety procedures found in the FAQs before signing up for the Periphylla Safari. When booking please be advised that you accept the terms and conditions set forth by Gulen Dive Resort.

WARNING: Only experienced divers will be admitted. Diving with the Periphylla takes place in water 300 meters deep, far from land. Good buoyancy control and diving skills is a must, for obvious reasons. If you think you're up for it, join us for a truly one-of-a-kind experience!

To make the dives safe and enjoyable, we use a setup with a buoy with a weighted line with lights attached to it. All participants must do a training dive on the first night of the safari.

Diving with the Periphylla jellyfish can be challenging because it takes place in mid-water with as much as 300 meters to the bottom - at night.

A great photo opportunity

Being able photograph and film the Periphylla is something most divers never will have the chance to do. On the Periphylla Safari you get two chances to grab some unique images very few underwater photographers will ever have in their portfolio.

Just check out this video by Dag Leslie Hansen of Stavern Underwater Explorers. It gives you a great impression of what the Periphylla Safari is like:

To make sure you get some great Periphylla images the first lecture covers tips on how to shoot the jellyfish - lenses, settings, behaviour etc.

Wreck diving included!

The Periphylla Safari not only gives you a great opportunity to experience this awesome deep-sea creature up close - and the wreck diving is also spectacular this time of the year! Visibility normally is at its best as this time, and we will do several wreck dives during daytime.

Ferndale and Parat are two of the fantastick wrecks we usually visit during the Periphylla Safari (weather permitting).

Normally we visit the twin wrecks of Ferndale and parat, a German freighter and a salvage vessel that were sunk by British aircraft during WWII. This unique dive is suitable for both sport divers and techies, with delightful rust from 7-63 meters depth.

We usually also visit the Frankenwald, a 122 meter long German freighter of the same era - voted Norway's best Wreck back in 2009 and still a majestic sight!

If you're lucky you can even experience the northern lights at the Periphylla Safari. Chances are pretty good in Gulen this time of the year!

Download a FREE periphylla article!

The Periphylla may reach almost a meter across (arms included), is both bioluminescent and light-sensitive, can spit blue slime, eats anything that crosses its path and has the largest stinging cells of any jellyfish.

X-Ray Magazine published my feature about diving with these over 500 million year old jellyfish. Click the link below to read more and download a free PDF!

» Click here to read the Periphylla story in X-Ray Magazine

Questions? Check out the FAQs!

If you have questions, you will probably find the answers right away in the Periphylla Safari FAQs. If not, feel free to get in touch at any time.

We welcome you to the Periphylla Safari at Gulen Dive Resort, and look forward to giving you a diving experience like nothing else you have ever had!

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Come dive with the awesome Periphylla periphylla deep-water jellyfish at Gulen Dive Resort in January 2018 and experience exhillarating black-water diving from their 52 ft. dive yacht!
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